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Since December 2007, Berytech is host to the first Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Lebanon, established with the collaboration of Cyberia, IDM, Solidere BBM, Moscanet/Wise, New-Com, Sodetel and Terranet, Cisco on behalf of the Partnership for Lebanon, the PCA (Professional Computer Association) and Berytech.

The Beirut IX allows local Internet traffic from different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to move through a local bandwidth, at faster speed and at a lower cost for the service providers. It has resulted into a more reliable local bandwidth, optimized international speeds and an overall improved quality of service. Beirut IX is an ideal location for “.lb” server hosting.


The objective of the Beirut-IX is to remain a neutral, open Internet exchange where service providers and content providers can connect and peer with each other. Local content providers, such as portals, academic institutions, media companies, professional associations, etc., can host their servers in the Beirut IX through an ISP member company.

The IXP co-location service at Berytech, Mkalles, provides the following:

  • Lines of sight to the maximum number of participants
  • Non-profit organization & University-related neutral location
  • Room to grow
  • Technology cluster, home to 40+ companies in technology
  • Readiness of a data center
  • Availability of infrastructure (24/7 power, backup generators & UPS, secure access, on-site maintenance & support, etc.)

For more information on the Beirut IXP and to find out how to become an IXP member please visit www.beirutix.net


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