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Berytech Promotes Entrepreneurship at AUST Print

Image In the framework of its mission to promote entrepreneurship, Berytech leads university roadshow to introduce the incubator as well as support program for aspiring entrepreneurs to students. On January 2nd, Dr. Nicolas Rouhana, Executive Director, visited AUST campus, meeting young and motivated students, presenting Berytech while emphasizing on its mission and objectives as well as the ecosystem for young entrepreneurs.

Dr. Rouhana started with explaining the concept of entrepreneurship, stating that not only it lets people create their own jobs, but also it helps them create their own opportunities by starting a business. He clarified that “the founding team is very important because people investing in the project are also investing in the team; the expertise in the field is essential”.

When it comes to Berytech, holding a repertoire of more than 200 entities housed and helping more than 500 entrepreneurs, makes it a great place for the students, holding potential and innovative projects,  to start their entrepreneurial journey. “There is no time better than today to innovate and start your own business”, Dr. Rouhana said. “There are so many programs nowadays that support entrepreneurs and new ideas”.
The presentation was followed by a Q&A session. When asked about the current market opportunities, Dr. Rouhana replied that the presence of digital Arabic content on the web is little, and this may be a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to exploit this gap.
AUST students showed particular interest in entrepreneurship and benefited from this presentation by knowing that Berytech and many other institutions are present to help them if they choose to turn their ideas into businesses.
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