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Berytech Leads a Workshop for GSVC Social Entrepreneurs Print

Image Stimulating social entrepreneurship culture in today’s business environment remains essential to create a positive impact on the economy, driving innovation towards sustainable development. In this framework, Berytech along with several key partners, including Saint-Joseph University, BLC Bank and Mercy Corps Egypt, are leading the Global Social Venture Competition in Lebanon and the region, which presents a professional support and international program for social entrepreneurs.

Therefore, the GSVC training academy was held at Berytech, gathering GSVC participants, coming from Lebanon and the region, on December 20-21, led by Sophie Keller, expert in social entrepreneurship and representing ESSEC Business School.

This workshop aimed at helping participants improve their projects, giving them necessary tools to develop their business models, featuring examples of successful social enterprises, focusing as well on the basic key conditions of the GSVC: social impact and economic viability.
“GSVC is much more than sending your executive summary. You get feedback, mentorship and networking”, explained Keller, who encouraged participants to benefit from this opportunity and the support program offered on the local level including mentoring, coaching and incubation.
Participants benefited from Keller’s expertise in social entrepreneurship by learning the requirements of a social enterprise in order to survive. They also learnt how to define and assess the social impact and how to validate the economic model of their social enterprises.
In addition, participants got the chance to meet Pierre Issa, co-founder of Arcenciel, who leads several social entities, sharing his experience on how he became a successful social entrepreneur and giving professional feedback and advice for them. ”Social enterprises should define their markets and sustain”, he explained. On a separate note, Nader Habbas, introduced “State Academy”, a TV show about a competition for social entrepreneurs. Moreover, BLC Bank, a key strategic partner for GSVC, explained the evaluation criteria required by a bank, and the available funding solutions for social enterprises by presenting the different loans and awards that social entrepreneurs can benefit from, along with the correspondent requirements and eligibility conditions.
On the regional scale, more than 100 projects were collected which will go through screening and selection process for further support including mentorship and incubation program. It is important to note that this is the second edition of GSVC in the region, and Berytech is thrilled about this competition’s impact, attracting a new generation of entrepreneurs, who bring innovative solutions to social concerns.
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